strange little world.

I recently heard Fiona Apple’s cover of Cy Coleman’s “Why Try To Change Me Now,” and it’s beautiful. I got that wonderful feeling you get when a song just clicks and is strangely perfect for the moment. Perfect for a rainy night when you’re sleepy but have things to do. Listen here. Lyrics below; they’re so pretty. xo-m


I’m sentimental, so I walk in the rain
I’ve got some habits even I can’t explain
Go to the corner, and I end up in Spain
Why try to change me now?

I sit and daydream, I got daydreams galore
Cigarette ashes, there they go on the floor
I’ll go away weekends, leave my keys in the door
Why try to change me now?

Why can’t I be more conventional?
People talk and they stare, so I try
But that can’t be ’cause I can’t see
My strange little world just go passing me by

Let people wonder, let ‘em laugh, let ‘em frown
You know I’ll love you ’til the moon’s upside down
Don’t you remember I was always your clown?
Why try to change me now?


2 thoughts on “strange little world.

  1. when I feel upset, I want to do flamenco and say, “my space! my space!” The flamenco teacher is amazing. And Sally Hawkins is adorable

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