So I really like my bike, and I wanted to create a post about it. I know a lot of you are avid-bike riders (much more so than I), and I think we should celebrate how fun it is to ride a bike. I’ve been riding mine to class most days, and I’m into it. But first things first; I have a question for you.

Sidewalk or road? What do you prefer? What’s legal? Does it matter?

wicker baskets! yes!

wicker baskets! yes!

I used to be an avid road-biker because it felt more exciting, and I didn’t have to deal with pedestrians on the sidewalk cursing me out for intruding on their space and leaving them behind like dust in the wind. But I’m a little tired of feeling like a bunny in a herd of cattle, about to be squashed any minute. Dealing with cars’ fumes and feeling petrified isn’t particularly enjoyable. So I think I’m going to switch to the sidewalk, you know, really stick it to the man.

To other bike-lovers, isn’t it nice saving money and getting fresh air? And isn’t there some joy to be derived in having more justified smugness than a Prius-driver? (I have some bones to pick with Priuses-Priui?- due to their batteries, but I’m not feeling smug enough to go into that now. Besides, this is supposed to be about bikes and how awesome they are.) And I like the feeling of arriving at my destination slightly flushed and sweaty. Everyone looks more attractive after cycling for half an hour, even with unsightly helmet-hair. And, ladies, if you haven’t biked in a dress and cowboy boots, try it. It equals happiness.

And just to make it clear that I have no reason to be smug; I have a car. I drive it. I’m not entirely “green,” but I try.

One last thing, I highly recommend this basket. It’s adorable, has quick-release, and is perfect for a. looking like the Wicked Witch of the West and b. grocery shopping and book-carrying. Happy cycling. xo-m


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  1. My friend Dan said, “This is the perfect combination of Prius-bashing and implied horniness” or something to that effect. Ha! Have fun on Sat, Odhran! Send Greg my love

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