what women want.

No, not that terrible movie in which Mel Gibson tries on tights, electrocutes himself with a hair dryer, and then miraculously has the ability to read women’s [inane] thoughts. I can only assume that a man was behind this movie.

I read the following article months ago and forgot to share it. Truly fascinating & worth a read. Not to mention it’s a little… sexy.

Discovering What Women Want by Daniel Berger for the New York Times Magazine


One thought on “what women want.

  1. I read this when it came out! There are three things I love about this article:
    1. “plethysmograph”
    2. The really poor syntax in the sentence about women becoming mildly arouse while watching bonobos. Confusing on purpose, for sure.
    3. The conclusion that women want what they want (everything or nothing), when they want it (sometimes, always, never), which is really not much of a conclusion at all.

    And natch I love the accompanying photo because it looks like a still from a Dentyne commercial. Sexy indeed.

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