One of my goals is to make classrooms like this less depressing.

One of my goals is to make classrooms like this less depressing.

For those of you entering education (and many of my friends are), I highly recommend reading Writing To Be Read and Telling Writing by Ken Macrorie. Part experienced teacher, part philospher, Macrorie offers practical techniques for improving students’ writing and instructing your students to write something that “moves you and others.” His love of teaching shines through, and he has wonderful advice for your own writing as well (e.g., methods for avoiding verbosity and writing a convincing conclusion, etc.). Also included in the books are process and expressivist exercises that I’ve found helpful in tutoring and suggestions for Socratic seminars in the classroom. Socratic seminars are focused around a particular text or question, and it’s often helpful to have students prepare for them beforehand. (More students participate this way, and it’s less of a “free for all” that gets a little chaotic with high schoolers.) The process exercises have certainly helped me engage with more timid students. Enjoy these helpful and well-written books! Here’s to a wonderful profession. xo, m


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  1. hey.. i know the pics from second row chair from rear… it’s from movie “swing girls” haha..

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