iTunes shuffle is a good thing when songs like this play, and you’d forgotten you had them. I’ve always loved the song “Amazing Grace” and this rendition in particular. It could be nostalgia; I grew up in Catholic schools, though I never truly subscribed to the doctrine I was taught. But the idea of grace resonated with me. I wish we’d learned more about it (rather than that other “g” word: “guilt”).

The word has myriad meanings, but it’s often use to signify forgiveness and mercy. “Grace” also connotes beauty, kindness, and strength. To me, it means that forgiveness is beautiful and good and that it requires will. In Catholicism, grace implies divine forgiveness or mercy. But I prefer the idea of human grace: that we can forgive and understand each other, and it’s hard work, and there’s a beauty in fully forgiving someone, even if he or she doesn’t seek forgiveness. That kind of grace seems more powerful to me. xo, m


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