gay rights.

Picture 12Who knew a great pro-gay-marriage ad would emerge from Ireland? Life’s full of surprises. The ad begs the question, “How would a straight person feel if he had to get an entire country’s approval to marry?” I hope countries on both sides of the Atlantic can embrace this argument and legalize gay marriage. Watch the video below. xo, m

Excerpt from The Stranger.

“In case you can’t see it, the commercial shows a young man knocking on a door to ask an older man for Sinead’s hand in marriage. The older man, who we assume is Sinead’s father, consents. Then the young chap goes to another door, asks an older woman, who also gives him permission. But then the young guy goes on to knock on every door in Ireland to ask for Sinead’s hand in marriage. (Surprisingly, people don’t seem bothered by the question because I’d be all, ‘Bugger off and put a ring on it.’)

As it clearly illustrates: It’s none of Ireland’s fucking business if this dashing young fellow marries Sinead, Shannon, or Padraic. His marriage is as inconsequntial to Ireland as two women getting married is to the denizens of California.”


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