estate sale.

0906091703.jpgSo I figured they were inherently depressing, but today was my first experience. (I was right; seeing a dead person’s family sell her things is inevitably sad.) I went with Annika because she needed a bookshelf, but instead we got pretty things we didn’t need. Annika left with a beautiful bench and a funny little chair for $15 total. I got a tea cart, which matches the general aesthetic of my apartment: old, cute, and old-lady-ish. I love my apartment because it feels homey to me, and I figured a tea cart would fit in perfectly. Here it is in my kitchen next to my bike (I love it too much to risk someone stealing it). You may notice I have a ’70s TV on top of the tea cart. This seems fitting. So… I guess estate sales are worth going to, if you can bear the sadness of it. Also, it can be awkward to hear anecdotes about the furniture you’re interested in buying. Such as, “As children, we used this for…” Sometimes hearing the history of your furniture is cool and interesting; sometimes it’s sad. xo, m


One thought on “estate sale.

  1. … I forgot my frame with the anecdotal photograph taken somewhere in the Netherlands …

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