silver-white winters that melt into springs…

I’m having one of those days. (Is this the right career for me? Should I move? Or chop off my hair?) I suspect we’ve all had days like this, when restlessness reigns. Aside from all the necessary things like, you know, work, I have a little regimen for these rare days. It goes like this, depending on time: look at nature photography and think how beautiful the world is, watch nature shows (preferably ones that feature David Attenborough as the narrator and include sweeping, mountainous landscapes), or try on Chanel dresses and play with puppies. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad…

Currently I’m listening to The Sound of Music soundtrack, looking at Heidi Swanson’s photography, working, and thinking about how grateful I am for all the lovely things and people in my life. (Multi-task, much?) Hope you think these are as pretty as I do. xo, m







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