Picture 6The last place women should look for inspiration about body image is women’s magazines. Which is why I’m a little surprised by what I’m posting here. I find that when these magazines do publish photos of “normal” women it’s usually in a smug fashion: “Look! We’re showing photos of ‘normal’ women on 4 pages, while the rest of our magazine is filled with images of unattainable thinness.”
But I did find the images in a recent issue of Glamour striking. The women aren’t just shrouded in clothes, but they’re showing off their bodies. And damn, they look sexy. (More importantly, they look happy.) I think we as a culture will have truly reached a healthy attitude towards body shape and size when these images aren’t considered rare or special and when they appear alongside images of women of different body shapes: thin, athletic, even curvier. I read some of the letters women wrote in about the images, and it seemed like Glamour’s readership experienced a collective sigh of relief. Finally, women looking hot, happy, and healthy. I think if you’ve got a good attitude towards food, you enjoy it, you take care of your body, and you’re happy, well damn, you sexy thing, you.
If nothing else, these kinds of photo spreads can inspire a dialogue about body image. And I think that’s healthy. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, & fabulous weekend. xo, m
PS- Thanks to Annika for sending me the video below. People having fun and dancing? I love videos like this, and it seems fitting to post here too.

Picture 2

Picture 4

Picture 7

Picture 1

Picture 5


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