Hey lovelies, sorry for the lack of recipes lately. I haven’t been cooking much except for when Janna and I made quiche the other night. And when I say Janna and I, I really mean Janna. She did the work & brought the goods.

quiche fork

Basically we threw the following ingredients into a whole wheat crust that was pre-made. (First we sauteed the eggplant & zucchini in a little olive oil for about 10 minutes on a medium low heat.)

5 eggs, whipped
Dash of milk (I only had skim; it worked fine)
Leek, chopped finely
Small Japanese eggplant, diced
1/2 Zucchini, diced
A lot of sharp white cheddar, grated

Then we baked it at 350 degrees for about 35-40 minutes.

Now, readers, I ask you, Does This Sound Gross? Well, it wasn’t. It was fabulous. The perfect comfort food and the perfect way to avoid wasting food. You can throw a lot of random things into a frittata, and it tastes good. It appears that the same is true for quiche. Anyway, it was tasty, & it was even better eating it with a friend who made me laugh a lot. xo, m


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