be what you admire.

2541273d01794b8ea3316828b5eba950fa2f5ca0_mWhen I was younger, my mom paraphrased Gloria Steinem and told me, “Become the man you want to marry.” (Michelle Williams also alluded to this quote in a recent Vogue interview.)

Though my mom told me this when I was in my late teens, I don’t think it really clicked until a year or so ago. And while all my “advice” on here has been facetious and obtuse, this isn’t. Loving yourself and others comes down to some pretty basic things, I think. If you want a strong partner, be strong. If you want a man who respects you, have self-respect. If you want intelligence, be smart. And if you seek empathy, be empathetic. We can be take on the qualities we seek in others. Even recognizing that you can be these things for yourself is empowering.

Just a tid bit of genuine advice from one lady to others. I avoid preaching at all costs, hence my usual flippant attitude, but I find this quote really helpful and thought-provoking. Here’s to being what you admire.

xo, m


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