new dog!

Meet Dax, the new family dog. (That’s his adopted name, and my mom’s keeping it since he’s trained.)
He’s hilarious, hyper, & ever-so-affectionate. I’ve fallen for a 2′ tall man; he has better manners than most of the men I’ve been out with recently (see post entitled “ew”).
xo, m
PS- For a pick-me-up, go here. Watch the first one and the dachshund video. So sweet. Thanks, Katie, for posting this!


The little guy


He's not the easiest to walk...


His foster mom made this Halloween costume.


Big ears


Here he is watching Ellen dance. This is how he lies.


Sleepy time


2 thoughts on “new dog!

  1. I can’t believe the “possibly related posts,” this one in particular: “Have a Sexy Halloween: Lolita Costumes for Young Girls.”

    Um….. wrong. Seriously wrong.

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