teen dreams.

When I was 15 I denied that I still loved the Backstreet Boys, sported a wholly unflattering haircut, and kissed older boys I tried to convince myself weren’t douchebags. I dreamt of being a spy.

Olivia Bee is 15 and shooting beautiful, dreamy photographs. Amazing, right? What were you like at 15? xo, m


2 thoughts on “teen dreams.

  1. When I was 15 I kept meticulous journals chronicling all the very important things I did. I sang in 3 choirs, tried out for lots of school dramas (that i NEVER got cast in and yeah, it still hurts and yeah, it was BULLSHIT), had my first boyfriend, smoked marlboro lights in secret, and was a social outcast sort-of.

    Yesterday my friend Kendra wore a tee-shirt that read: “You wouldn’t be who you are today if you hadn’t been who you were then.” So apt, and so unfortunate.

    • Ha! I love it and can totally picture it. I also kept meticulous journals. My favorite is the one chronicling my first kiss. It is the most awkward thing I’ve ever read.

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