two years.

My old college friend Tom Rotenberg has teamed up with his writing partner Jacob Reynolds, the star of Harmony Korine’s cult-favorite Gummo, to create a short film entitled Two Years. I had the privilege of seeing it a few months ago, and it’s nothing short of gorgeous: a simple but moving plot, characters to whom you feel connected in a matter of minutes, and beautiful cinematography. I wasn’t a film studies major, so I don’t know the terminology to describe it accurately, but the camera focuses and dulls certain images, like a faucet dripping, and focuses closely on a person’s mouth while he talks. We see the eyes of someone listening and understand him more deeply than if his whole face were in the frame.

I love short stories because the author has to use each word carefully. She must consider if there is a better word to convey more, the sound of the words together, even the appearance of one word next to another. With such short space, one must be even more prudent with her craft. And the same holds true for short films; they must pack a punch in a small amount of time, and this film certainly does. Congratulations, Tom. Trailer below. xo, m


3 thoughts on “two years.

  1. I loved Gummo and am wondering how to see two years? Will it be in theatres???

    Great blog by the way – I also like the simple layout.

    Please come and visit my little web corner too – I’m a displaced Canadian living in Ghana West Africa.

    I blog about it.

    • thanks for your interest.

      as of now, there is still work being done on the sound and music for the film, but once that’s done it will be making the rounds to a few festivals before finally becoming available on the net.

      become a fan on facebook to keep up with recent developments:

    • Thanks for stopping by, Holli. Had a look at your blog, and it’s wonderful! Will definitely be adding you to my blog roll.

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