it’s a wrap!

Christmas is threeeee days away!

Present-wrapping will commence in the coming days, but the thought of using wrapping paper seems wasteful, right? It looks pretty, but I hate the idea that you buy something only to throw it away after a moment. Design*Sponge suggests some fabulous alternatives that’ll leave you feeling guilt-free and your presents beautifully adorned. What are your favorite ways to wrap presents? xo, m

* Use take-out menus to wrap (you know those irritating little things that get shoved under your apartment door or in your mailbox?)
* Ditto for 2009 calendars, day planners, & maps
* Make gift-tags out of holiday cards you’ve received
* Pages from newspapers and magazines are old standbys. Comic sections, foreign editions, or strategically placed ads or images of things liked by your recipient are always well-received.
* Fill gift baskets sourced from thrift stores or purchase handmade baskets, such as those gorgeous creations from Basket Africa. Terra cotta pots work great too.
* Give new life to packaging used in other products, such as cookie tins, watch and jewelry boxes, or cigar boxes. If you don’t have these on hand, many can be found at thrift or antique stores.

Some of my favorite ideas:
* Use paper grocery bags (the inside of the bag, where there’s no print), and tie the package with raffia or a red bow. It looks delightfully old fashioned.
* Old sheet music. Will I ever really need to play the Titanic theme song again? No.
* Reusable grocery bags, preferably a plain canvas one that you’ve decorated with a pretty stamp or two. Your friend will get two gifts in one!
* Carefully unwrap any presents you’re given, and save the paper for next year.

For my mom. Wrapped with a photo from Readymade magazine and ribbon I kept from last year.

For my brother. A recycled box with a haphazard bow made from electrical tape I had lying around.


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