things are good.

I probably won’t be updating a lot this week or weekend because I’m sort of on o-v-e-r-l-o-a-d. I might go camping! I need to finish this education project! The store is having its opening party tonight! Cabaret show tomorrow! New tutoring clients! All of these things are wonderful & exciting, so no complaints from this corner. I find I’m happiest when things are busy, my schedule full with friendships, dates, movement, & meaningful work.

But it’s also when I’m busiest that I need someone to say to me, “Chill out. Things are good. You’re being a goofball” and hand me a shot of Scotch. (I’m not sure any of my friends have ever uttered the word “goofball,” but the other things definitely stick.)

This graphic by Stephanie Massa-Bidal had the same effect as that pep talk (& shot of the good stuff). Let’s take the week in stride. xo, m


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