pupsters & a visitor from my old home.

This is why I love Meaghan.

I’ve found a new blog to obsess over thanks to my brother Riley. It combines a subculture I love to hate (hipsters) and something I love to love (puppies). Basically, you can’t go wrong with this premise. Here are a few of my favorites complete with the original captions. Check out the blog here for an afternoon laugh. I almost wrote, “afternoon delight,” but that has a whole host of connotations I’d rather not get into, especially since the site is about dogs, not people. Wow, we’ve entered into some weird territory here. I’m going to back out of it by talking about my friend Meaghan, okay? Are we cool?

Moving along. My good friend Meaghan from New York is flying in tomorrow for my 25th birthday! I’m over the moon excited. So today I’m cleaning a bit (she’s not one to judge if my bookshelf is dusty, for example) & figuring out a sequin outfit to wear when I pick her up from the airport. That’s what a good friend she is. xo, m

for tillie, having a mad men premiere party means dressing up, drinking manhattans and being totally fucking insufferable

margi tells people she does “graphic design” for a living, but in reality does “nothing”

beans described his senior project at pratt as “a cross between bergman and evil dead II”


4 thoughts on “pupsters & a visitor from my old home.

  1. I feel so famous! Especially since you’re wearing sequins to pick me up and I’ll probably resemble a cross between the Swamp Thing and this: http://bit.ly/9ecEvA (not a virus link, I swear!).

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