electric piano table. yes, you read that correctly.

I like looking at design blogs because I find them interesting, but rarely do I want a design blog find as badly as I want this electric piano dining table by George Bohle. I love the idea that I could be eating dinner with my friends and all of a sudden pull up the top of the table, reveal the piano, and play the Titanic theme or something actually worth listening to like my favorite Mendelssohn piece.

Two-in-one pieces can sacrifice the integrity of either individual component, so I’m curious how great the sound actually is on this thing. (I’m a harsh judge of pianos because I’ve played since my fingers were half the size of the keys. In other words, a long time.)

The bitter irony, as one commenter points out, is that space savers are usually only affordable to those who could actually afford more space. At $6k, this isn’t exactly in my price range, but a girl can dream of piano solos post dessert with her friends. What do you guys think of it? My head says terrible; my heart says wonderful. xo, m

Images via Swiss Miss.

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