joanna newsom.

My friend Jannes will be excited that I’m writing about Joanna Newsom because I’m pretty sure he has a big crush on her. (The cat’s out of the bag!)

To be fair, it’s taken me a while to get into her music. When I first heard her years ago in Dublin, I found her voice so unique as to be off-putting. I’m no expert on her music, but her newest album sounds richer to me. Her voice seems to have grown (or maybe my musical palette, so to speak, has grown). A harpist & pianist, Newsom’s immensely talented. If you know anything about “anti-folk” music, Joanna’s work exemplifies the genre.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from her newest album, Have One On Me. This song’s simply gorgeous, & I adore the lyrics too. xo, m

there is light in the river
there is a river made of light
c’mon, little life giver
give your life

Photo from The Wire.

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