Tonight I took part in the annual tradition of watching The Oscars with my mom. It’s the one time every year that we order pizza together, eat it while sitting on the couch, & maintain a running commentary about so & so’s dress and how cheesy the host/ess’s jokes are this year. (News flash; they’re always cheesy. Alec & Steve, I still love you. And I know we’re not on a first name basis.) My mom and I laughed, drank wine, & her little terrier fell asleep on my lap.

Whose dress was you favorite? Mine, hands down, was Vera Farmiga’s (of Up In The Air). It looked like a budding rose or a giant cupcake. A perfect balance of the bold and the feminine- exactly what I love in a dress.

And lastly, I want to mention Colin Firth. His performance in A Single Man was incredible to me, and I recommend seeing the film if you haven’t yet. It’s one of the most beautiful films I can recall. While Firth didn’t win tonight, I think he deserves credit for playing a grieving man with grace, dignity, & restraint. No easy feat. I hope you got to watch The Oscars tonight, celebrate films, & indulge in temporary frivolity if you wished. xo, m


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