baby animals.

It’s Wednesday morning, and I’m drinking coffee & perusing National Geographic baby animal photos. Nothing about this is particularly surprising, but I guess it is a monumental waste of time. Except that I’ve been oohing & aawing a lot, and I think there’s some value in it. Off to do work in a hot minute! Enjoy these cute lil’ guys. xo, m

PS- I put up a new header! I’m going to change the design of the blog too, as soon as I finish up my graduate school pre-req.

Photo: A baby Asian elephant emerging from tall grass

This baby weighs 200 lbs!!!!

Photo: Female lynx and her young cub

Young cub + Baby Mama

Photo: A leopard cub plays with its mother's tail

Cute overload

Photo: A mother polar bear coaxes her cub up a snow bank


Photo: A bobcat kitten in the wild

I've never thought, "I want a pet bobcat" until now


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