back to school.

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It’s back to [graduate] school for this one! I’m almost finished with the outstanding requirements. About time considering I start on March 29th, less than 2 weeks away. I’m currently working on a graphic representation that shows my vision of a first year teacher. Yep, that’s the assignment. A tad vague.

In the interim, I’ve decided I need to get some school supplies in preparation: cute, nicely-sized notebooks & a good planner.

Here’s what I’ve come up with: notebooks by Piano Nobile and a planner by Moleskine. The notebooks are refillable (the covers slip off) and fit Moleskines. Hoorah! And they have a little slot for pencils & pens. Perfect for a girl like me who seems to be in constant need of the pen she just lost. xo, m

Chikabird PKT Randl Notebook: Plus

Photo via here.


3 thoughts on “back to school.

  1. Okay, so I almost just ordered one of those notebook covers, but I stopped myself because with shipping it ends up being 35 dollars! I reasoned that it is reusable and will see me through many notebooks, but please tell me how you end up liking it and making your review will tip the scales for me…

    • they’re made in Seattle, so I don’t have that problem… :( I love mine though! Maybe it’s worth it? Though that seems like a lot. They’re pretty adorable though.

      I’m waffling. Love you.

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