work out.

I finally got new work out clothes yesterday because I’d been running in soccer shorts from middle school. Really.

I hate to love Lulu Lemon, but their workout clothes are cute & super comfy, and I hear they have some longevity, which is good because I’d rather spend money on other things. Here’s what I got, & I’m loving all of it so far. I balanced my expensive choices with a few cheaper ones. Who knew Gap had workout clothes? And inexpensive too. Seriously, those pants were $10 on sale, and the top was $5 on sale. And it doesn’t have one of those B.S. sports bras built it; it’s a real sports bra. Sweet. Okay, I’ll stop because it’s weird that I’m so excited about a sports bra.

Getting new exercise clothes every now & then can help reenergize your routine, I think. I ran hard this morning. This was, of course, in part due to my new running mix (see below). As Mt. Rainier came into view, my favorite Sharon Jones song came on. And all was well. Have a lovely weekend! It’s beautiful here, & I’m looking forward to being active outside. xo, m

PS- It’s possible these clothes, especially the Gap ones, were made in a godawful sweatshop somewhere. Anyone know where to get eco-friendly workout gear?

lululemon athletica, LULU-1402 Power Y Tank,

Lulu Lemon

lululemon athletica, LULU-1764 Wunder Groove Crop,

Lulu Lemon




One thought on “work out.

  1. Sharon Jones is coming out with a new album in a few weeks… April 6th, I believe it is. Anyway, thought you’d like to know, if you didn’t already.

    Love reading, as always.


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