why today was awesome.

1. Phoenix has a new live album, and they want us to have it. Fo’ free. Have I mentioned that I have a super big crush on the singer? Oh, really, I haven’t? You want to hear about him more? I guess I can gush, if you insist. Just look at his paranoid eyes! And his floppy hair! And his button-down with the sleeves rolled up (that means he’s laid back)! Now I get to listen to him croon while retaining that wad of cash in me pockets. Download the album here.


2. I ate hash browns at a diner with Janna. This is obviously worth mentioning because crispy, oily starches can only make a good day better.

3. Pretty Parlor. If you haven’t been to this place in Seattle, you need to go. There’s an amazingly unflattering wedding dress that has a de-tachable puff that Janna nicknamed “the potholder.” I tried it on, naturally, and Janna tried on an amazing pink dress with a faux fur white trim at the bottom. Very Mrs. Claus. We walked away with granny glasses, a ’70s scarf, and 2 sets of clip-on earrings. Success.

Crave Book 2008 - Pretty Parlor Spread by pretty parlor.

4. All of my grad school pre-requisites are finished!!!!!!! I turned in the last assignment today and felt so happy I shed a tear. Yesterday I was a slave to the computer, a mere punishment for the degree of procrastination I achieved over the past several weeks. As a little gift to myself for finishing all these requirements, I did what came only too naturally to me: I bought my version of the infamous “teacher shoes.” They’re t-straps and peep toe. Perfect.

5. And lastly, a wonderful lady in my life gave me these tulips from the market.

6. Health care reform passed this week! I’m sure the bill has some flaws, but it’s about time we had a health care plan. A tip of the hat, Mr. President.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day too. xo, m


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