help needed!

Housework is probably less fun than doing taxes. And that's saying a lot.

How do you clean the part under the burner on your stovetop? Mine has electric burners and little metal plate-like things below them. I can’t get them out; I can’t clean them. (See photo below.)

Blogosphere + friends, any and all advice is welcome.

Apartment Therapy has inspired me to clean my kitchen from head to toe (or from countertop to floor?). My stovetop remains unconquerable, however, and it’s staring me in the face like a nemesis in a Batman cartoon. After various cooking experiments gone wrong, there’s molasses on one, bits of something alien and terrifying on the other. I can’t accomplish my Kitchen Cure until this last phase is complete.

It’s sort of epic, really, isn’t it? Cleaning your kitchen? The hero is tried until she passes the threshold. This stovetop is my threshold. Help me conquer it. Have I made this tale dramatic enough? Good.

Thanks for the advice! xo, m

Stove-Top Burners. by Breath_Less'56.

This is cleaner than mine. I need to clean in order to cook. Help.


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