diy whimsy.

I love these whimsical upside down planters! At $75 a pop, they’re not cheap, so I was delighted to see that Design*Sponge posted a DIY version using recycled materials. For instructions, see here. A photo of the DIY version of the planters appears at the bottom of this post.

I hope you’re having a really lovely week, kiddos! I spent the morning listening to my newly re-discovered ’90s CD collection (hello, Third Eye Blind, I barely missed you) + brushing up on my radical equation skills for a tutoring session later. (The phrase “radical equation skills” sounds so much cooler than it really is.)

I’m about to observe middle school students, which is really exciting and wonderful but inevitably involves being asked the same question over and over again by the girls (“Do you have a boyfriend? Oh she does! She smiled! Oh wait? Maybe that means she doesn’t”). The “teacher face” is a kinder, gentler version of the evil eye that imparts the same stern “Don’t go there” message. Wish me luck on getting it right today. This teacher’s wearing red heels. xo, m

P.S. Check out my parents’ adorable little bugger of a dog. I loff him.


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