sun dresses.

Hello, all! I’m back! Kind of. How are you?

I’ve been busy with graduate school, tutoring, field work, + homework. A project is due today, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief now that it’s (mostly) complete. I’ve also cleaned out my closet and pantry to avoid doing said homework, so that’s kept me extra busy. It’s amazing the unpleasant things we’ll do to avoid starting a project, right?

But now I’m finished, and I’m here, and I’ve got a few favorites from Steven Alan’s spring line for you. They’re all above my price range, but it’s still fun to look at pretty clothes. They’re so flowy + floral — just what I love in a summer dress. Happy weekend! xo, m

Cruiser Dress

Mina Stone Printed Silk Pocket Dress

No.6 Safari Dress

No.6 Cowl Neck Dress

P.S. I’d love to wear one of these dresses + listen to this song. It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer. [Also, the dance moves in this are almost painfully cute. I love this video.]


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