oatmeal & currant scones.

I approached my pantry eagerly after writing the previous post, ready to make the Matzo balls and have a hearty bowl of soup to help make my sick day more enjoyable. Unfortunately, I’m out of the mix.

Fortunately, I found scone mix, so I went to town on scone-baking instead. I suspect we’ve all made scones from a mix, and usually they’re as hard as hockey pucks and about as healthy as a stick of butter. But, true to form, Bob’s Red Mill makes a great mix that produces scones that taste like the ones I ate routinely in Ireland. I’m as surprised as you are; I picked up the mix from my co-op and never expected it to produce such amazing scones.

The mix has nutmeg, currants, whole wheat, & Northwest-grown oats, and I can pronounce all the ingredients (what a novel idea!). I used Earthbalance instead of butter because I was feeling a little guilty that my lunch today would be scones rather than a vegetable-rich soup.

And no, Bob of Bob’s Red Mills and I have no connection. Just a girl sharing a good scone mix. xo, m

Buy Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Scottish Oatmeal Scone Mix with Currants, 20-Ounce Bags (Pack of 8) (Bob's Red Mill, Health & Personal Care, Products, Food & Snacks, Baking Supplies, Baking Mixes)

One of my favorite Scottish bands. My friend Shayne over at Eat A Vegan got me hooked. Sing this song as you bake the scones; I did, and it made the whole experience that much better.


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