happy weekend, folks.

I did my first model lesson for grad school yesterday, and it went swimmingly well! It was on sound poems, and I felt joyful as I listened to people creating their own. It was one of those experiences after which I thought, “I’ve made the right choice. Teaching’s for me.” What a good feeling.

This weekend I’m working and cleaning. Nothing exciting, but I’m so happy after yesterday that I think I’ll get through it just fine. I can’t wait until next weekend, however, when I’ll have a free minute to put up my feet.

What are you up to?

I just stumbled across these prints + this tote from Good Shape Design and had to share. So cute. Have a wonderful weekend. xo, m

P.S. I met a man yesterday who works as an art model. A check off my bucket list. Huzzah!


2 thoughts on “happy weekend, folks.

  1. Wish I could be in your class! I did one recently on analyzing ‘Wouldn’t it Be Nice’ for propagandistic language and techniques. I love it when the lessons are fun for everyone involved. :)

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