literary word clouds that made me go “wow!”.

Yesterday we had a meeting about technology in the classroom. While I paid attention and am completely wooed by smartboards, I was really into playing with a site called Wordle. You input text, and it creates lovely, customizable word clouds. Most of you probably know what word clouds are, but for those of you who don’t, here’s a short explanation. The size of the word represents how many times it appears in the text. They can be a helpful (and often beautiful) graphic representation of a text, helping students identify major themes in a text. Common words such as “to”,”the,” “and,” etc. are omitted unless you tell Wordle to keep them. Here’s the ending of Episode 18 of Joyce’s Ulysses and the second part of Walt Whitman’s poem “Proud Music of the Storm.” I’m totally English-nerding out on you right now. xo, m


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