sew pretty.

[I made a little pun!]

I worked all day today, and there were parts of the day (read: now) that were very slow. I find that by hour 8 of my retail job, I grow incredibly grumpy, and my eyes are glued to the clock. Luckily, I put in my two weeks’ notice and will have a little more time to put up my feet between graduate school and tutoring very soon. To distract myself for the last hour, I read Brain Rules and browsed fashion blogs, where I discovered these gorgeous clothes available from Beklina. All of the clothes are made with organic cotton and are sewn in Northern California. I love the feminine simplicity of the patterns. Here’s to 50 more minutes. And then freedom is mine!! xo, m

Lina Rennell T-Shirt

Loyale Blouse

Lina Rennell Triangle Top

Rachel Comey Pullover

IvanaHelsinki Star Bag

IvanaHelsinki Tiger Clutch Bag


3 thoughts on “sew pretty.

  1. Loved these clothes! I think the jumper should be mine! Do you know of any other eco friendly clothing sites that are any good? Keep up the good work really enjoying the blog

    • Thanks so much for the comment! I also really like Kind Boutique ( They have fabulous shoes, and they’re all vegan or vintage– perfect for a vegetarian such as myself. Aside from the eco-friendly(ish) construction of the clothes, they’re completely adorable, and there’s a sale going on now.

      Do you have any suggestions? I try to buy “green,” but sometimes it’s hard to know what a company means by green and what’s truly better for the environment. Let me know if you have a free minute!

  2. Perfect thank you so much! Yeah I agree it is a bit of a shady area at times, but things are getting better there seems to be a little more interest in being eco friendly, and not having to wear a potato sack at the same time!
    I love Ascensions ( it’s a little like Asos, but environmentally friendly, it can be a little pricey at times, but they have a clear outline, what their about and who they are so you know where you stand with these guys. Thanks again for the advice!

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