a much-needed long weekend.

Iced Martinis

Happy long weekend, friends!

I’m going on a little trip, which I’ll write more about upon my return. Not to be mysterious– that would be a rare occasion for me since mystery and I are like oil and water, sadly. I never know how the ladies in movies do it.

I’m going to Canada (the cat’s out of the bag!), which is beautiful (as you know, I’m sure), and the waters on the West coast have Orca whales! I hope to sneak a peak at them and get a few more freckles on my cheeks. Sorry for all theĀ parentheses; that happens when I get over-excited.

I hope you have a really relaxing or exciting weekend– whatever it is that you need. Either way, I think you should derive inspiration from Sunday Supper’s martini bar and pour yourself a stiff one. lv, molly

Here’s one of the happiest videos I can think of to start your weekend off right.


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