some lucky night.

Have I ever mentioned my love of M. Ward? I’m sort of in love with him, you know. I bet he’s smart, sensitive, the kind of guy who makes you waffles and then plays you a song on his old guitar while sitting in a breakfast nook that’s made out of old wood and has cushions. So by “love,” I mean that thing you call “love” that’s really just a crush… A crush on someone famous who you’ve never met but with whom you’d like to eat waffles and drink black coffee while listening to him play guitar.

And now I’ll cease musing on what an affair with M. Ward would be like because that’s just silly and elementary (even mildly creepy?) of me. I must return to an assignment now, but enjoy this little gem… lv, molly

I know when everything feels wrong
I’ve got some hard, hard proof in this song
I’ll know when everything feels right
Some lucky night


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