Happy weekend, everyone! It’s so sunshiney today! We’re finally getting our share of sun here in Seattle.

I just stumbled upon this cute picture while taking a break from the heat… Makes me miss those days strolling through the West Village in the summer sun– if only I’d had an adorable little entourage of cuties in striped shirts… I love how the one on the right has a little swagger!! That’s my kind of kid.
Via Hither + Thither.

I stayed up too late last night drinking by a campfire and laughing, so I’m a sad excuse for a human being today. It’s the kind of day that calls for a hammock, a good book, and cherries. (Due to apartment constraints, I have access to the latter two and am 100% satisfied.) Check out the beautiful cherries I just got from the farmers’ market. I’ve been snacking on them and crunchy radishes all day long…

Enjoy this sunshine. I think I need this Panama hat, this simple Pointillist dress, and these wedges. Still, I’m resolved to eat and pay rent, and so I choose to forgo. lv, molly

P.S. This song is sure to add to your nice day.


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