on icing cakes + meeting boys.

Lately I’ve been avoiding Design*Sponge because I get the feeling I used to get when I read my mom’s copies of Martha Stewart Living: disorganized, messy, and a little inept. For all my craftiness and love of cooking, I just don’t think I’ll ever make marshmallows from scratch or fashion an old church pew into a headboard.

That being said, I revisited D*S lately and found myself leaving shortly thereafter to visit a featured site: Nikole’s blog Forty Sixth At Grace. I love this post entitled “On Icing Cakes and Meeting Boys.” I spend a good deal of my time doing both of those things; I’m glad someone else owned up and wrote a post about it!

And her teacher’s advice is so spot on. I remember my father saying something similar to me when I was younger. Here’s an excerpt… Click on the hyperlink to read the rest of her delightful post.

he taught me
the worth of a pound of butter
and the beauty in a slicing a cake just so.
he taught me the versatility in an almond
and equally so,
the often glazed over complexities of an egg.

he taught me to blow peaches from sugar.
to craft roses from marzipan.
he taught me to keep my hands steady.

a steady hand, a steady heart.

Happy Sunday! I’m going to sit in the grass, eat some radishes, and read. Hurrah! lv, molly


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