summer tops.

Instead of cleaning my apartment today, as I should be since I’m having someone over for dinner (sorry, M.! Expect a few dust bunnies.), I compiled a collection of some adorable and overly-expensive summer tops. Practical? No. Fun and enjoyable time-waster? Absolutely yes. I used some crazy internet site (redundant much?) called Polyvore to make this little collage.

When you click on a top, it’ll take you to the site! I can’t get over the technology! And no, I’m not plugging for Polyvore; don’t you worry. I’m just letting you know that a huge time waster awaits you should you choose to use it. Aren’t these tops just the cutest? Have I turned preppy? Okay, time to tackle the terror that is my kitchen sink… lv, molly

P.S. Did I mention that I have the week off? This is allowing me to pursue such frivolous endeavors as collage making. Come Friday, I will wish I used the time to clean, run errands, etc. Aw, self-awareness.

summer tops

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