more summer fashion.

Casual and colorful. That’s how I like my summer clothes. [I almost wrote “easy, breezy, beautiful,” but I realized that’s the slogan for Cover Girl, and it’s supremely cheesy. Whenever I’m sick, I watch “America’s Next Top Model” while drinking tea, and I seem to laugh involuntarily whenever Tyra says “fierce.” And by laugh, I really mean “scoff at Tyra.” This is not related to this post in the least; sorry, readers.]

I digress… Collages are as fun to make as they were when we were in 3rd grade, and we cut clippings out of our parents’ magazines and glued them on posterboard and poured glitter all over it. This is my virtual summer fashion poster board minus the glitter, which is a shame, really.

Some of the choices are insanely overpriced, and I wouldn’t buy them in a million years. Allow me to explain. I like to look at designer work and pinpoint what it is that I like. Then I skip on over to a thrift store and find a real steal on a piece that possesses the same qualities as what I loved in the designer item. This is what thrifty ladies do. Better on the wallet, easier on the environment. And it’s fun to have pieces with a little history, don’t you think? Maybe one day I’ll make a collage of some of my favorite vintage steals… Be forewarned: that part of my closet has a lot of polka dots. lv, molly




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