donut (aka “ufo”) peaches.


I’m always delighted when summer rolls around because my local market stocks donut peaches, and I’m obsessed with donut peaches.

They fit in your palm; they’re perfectly sweet because they have very low acidity (I prefer to eat them when they’re not quite ripe so they’re not too sweet); and you’ll share something in common with a secret society of peach lovers who ooh and aaw about donut peaches. In New York, I once snagged a date with a cute but too New Age-y guy from a farmers’ market because we had a shared love of donut peaches. That didn’t last, but my love of peaches did.

Donut peaches are less mealy and generally more delicious than your standard peach– like candy, but I hate comparing fruit to candy because it’s a gag parents pull on kids to make kids like fruit, when most kids already like fruit.

On a different note, today finally felt like summer! I could walk today with no pain, and the sun was out! And I ate a two donut peaches! And I sang this song three times! I’m sounding idyllic and silly, but today just made me happy. lv, molly

Photo c/o Tea & Cookies. Have a look around; it’s one of my favorite blogs.


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