classic french bistro sandwich.

As a kid, I secretely loathed sandwiches. Because they were a popular lunchtime staple, I ate them with a hidden disdain, and sometimes I’d disassemble the sandwich and eat each ingredient separately. This strikes me as supremely O.C.D. behavior, and fortunately my tastes and eating habits have evolved beyond that particular neurosis.

As a grown-up (or something like it), I’m an avid lover of the sandwich. I finally appreciate the combination of good crusty bread, spicy dijon mustard, and fresh or roasted vegetables.

Shayne from Just Gathering and I just had a phone catch-up, and rather than sharing much about my week, I fawned over my lunch. To talk to someone across the country and brag about a sandwich you ate is a little weird, but she and I are both lovers of good food and easy lunches. Check out her delicious vegan muffuletta here.

My new favorite sandwich comes from a French cafe in Fremont, where my family and I had a lovely lunch today. All the flavors complement each other so well that it seems much fancier than your average deli sandwich. You feel you’ve been suddenly transported to Paris upon the first bite, and suddenly you’re surrounded by gorgeous Frenchmen. Ah, I let my imagination run wild. Enjoy a lovely lunch, whether you’re dining with a lovely Frenchman or solo. lv, molly

Sandwich du Jour with a Fried Egg, Avocado, + Red Onions

Makes 1 sandwich

My lunch leftovers that I vowed to save for dinner... Oops! That ship has sailed.

2 slices of good, crusty bread (Seattlelites, I recommend the Columbia loaf from the Essential Baking Company), toasted
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/4 small red onion, sliced
2 eggs, fried
Dijon mustard to taste
Handful of arugula

Toast bread, and spread dijon mustard. Put the avocado slices, arugula, and red onion on bread. Meanwhile, fry two eggs and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add fried eggs to sandwich. Voila!


One thought on “classic french bistro sandwich.

  1. i’ve been obsessed with this sandwich combo for awhile, perfect for us veggies who need protein! It’s really great with some tomato as well!

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