Do you love pizza as much as I do? Is it possible, really?

After living in New York, I’m a fan of Neapolitan style pizza (read: thin crust, some evidence of charring, just a touch of mozzarella, usually served by attractive man with gorgeous Italian accent. Oh wait, that’s in a romance novel I read).

Normally when I go to Martha Stewart’s website, a sudden feeling of incompetence overwhelms me. When I have children, it’s likely I won’t sew their Halloween costumes and turn them into adorable little wood nymphs or lions. Also, I can almost guarantee I’ll never make homemade marshmallows or decorate candle holders for specific holidays. I will, however, make pizza. A lot of it. The pursuit of the perfect pizza is one from which I will not back down.

Readers, it’s okay to salivate when perusing the following pictures. I know I did. All of the recipes are available here. If you choose to peruse the rest of Stewart’s site, read the above disclaimer: pictures of crafts may result in the sudden onset of sensations of ineptitude. But without further adieu… I give you… pizza! lv, molly

Martha calls this the "perfect pizza"

Pecorino, Arugula,+ Fresh Tomato Pizza

An excellent standby: Pizza Margherita

Wild Mushroom + Pesto

Grilled Pizza with Fontina + Arugula


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