cute things for <100.

The title says it all: cute clothes for under a hundred dollars (most fall in the $40-60 range). No Benjamins needed here.

As a graduate student, my wallet resembles that of a pre-schooler’s piggybank. Usually I post designer clothes that serve as inspiration when I make a trip to Good Will, but today I thought I’d post some cute, more affordable clothing. Here are some ideas for your summer wardrobe that are hopefully more in line with your clothing budget. (This post is mainly the result of the myriad breaks I take during essay-writing.) Shayne, you inspired this post! Enjoy! lv, molly

P.S. I recognize that something that’s $50 still isn’t cheap. I’m of the mindset that it’s best for your wallet (and looks and the environment) to mix + match new pieces with inexpensive items from your local thrift store. A good half of my closet is composed of lovely thrifty finds.

under $75 summer
summer under $75
summer <100

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