friday favorites.

Bright red lipstick. Thanks, Marilyn Monroe, for showing us that it can be an appropriate companion to a bikini.

cheppalleee:  bacinella: googoogoojoob: suicideblonde: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Weegee, June 1949

Chalkboard paint. I hate painting, but I’m so tempted to paint a wall in my bedroom like this.

I want this watermelon ginger cooler already made sitting in my fridge right now. That is the epitome of Friday laziness. Have a very happy, very relaxing weekend! lv, molly

Watermelon agua fresca md


3 thoughts on “friday favorites.

  1. Yes! I’ve been trying to incorporate red lipstick into every facet of my life, and I think pairing it with a bikini is next! Nevermind that I’ll probably be tubing on a murky river at the time…

    Also, learn from my mistake and never paint a kitchen tabletop with chalkboard paint. Every particle of spilled salt is visible, and every glass leaves a visible water ring. I spend an unholy amount of time wiping it down, ick.

    • Haha! Not to laugh at your expense… sorry to hear the chalkboard paint on counters was an experiment gone wrong. I can imagine myself doing something similar.

      If you’re looking to get some bright lipstick, I highly recommend Chanel’s color “Cambon.” It’s pretty amazing.

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