pie fail + foodtogrophy.

Readers, I wanted to give you the best pecan pie recipe.

I wanted to bake a pie that was worthy of boasting, so beautiful that its glory radiated in photos, its crust as perfect and flaky as can be.

Unfortunately, the pie I baked yesterday was only described as “edible.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement for someone who prides herself on her ability to bake.

After two margaritas, I committed several cardinal baking sins. Exhibit A: I did not measure the bourbon or sugar, confident in my ability to “eyeball it.” What hubris! Exhibit B: I used a tart pan because I lost my pie dish. Let me know if you see it. Exhibit C: My partner in crime, and I’m blaming this entirely on him even though that’s not fair, read the directions wrong, so we only baked it for 30 minutes, took it out of the oven, let it “cool,” then realized it required another 30 minutes of baking time.

Perhaps baking a pie in two acts leads to its demise.

And so, my plan to have  a Friday post with a good pie recipe for you to bake this weekend has been derailed. Instead, I thought I’d post some beautiful food photography by the always talented Roland Bello. Since I couldn’t get it right, I decided to post pictures of food that looks (and probably tastes) much better than the pie I baked. Expect another go at the pie next week. Have a very happy weekend, complete with food and parties as fun as the ones in these photos! lv, molly


One thought on “pie fail + foodtogrophy.

  1. i think you have a secret pecan aversion. remember the martha bars???
    that or you have a love of cocktails ( obviously ) and should never bake with pecans while drinking….

    the jury is out

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