love + pie.

This table is but one reason I love the bride.

Disclaimer: yet again, I appear to be running on little sleep. Symptoms of too little sleep include but aren’t limited to: poor and verbose writing, the use of the word “fun” when a synonym may be more appropriate, the tendency to ramble (check out the length of this sentence!), and a strong craving for pizza but too little patience to make it. Onward!

I went to the most joyful wedding this weekend. Given that the bride is one of my craftiest friends, it’s no surprise that this was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve attended, complete with homemade soaps, centerpieces, and FOURTEEN pies. A homemade, crafty wonderland.

The wedding was a perfect embodiment of the happy couple; there were noisemakers, barbecues, swimming, and s’more-making. It was so fun to attend an event that perfectly reflected two wonderfully passionate, hilarious, and kind individuals. Plus, I saw myriad deer, cute babies, and men in suits, and I ate a lot of quinoa, wore a dress, and had copious amounts of wine. I was a happy lady.

Congrats to J + D! As the trophy says, you truly are awesome, and I’m so happy for you! I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few highlights…

What are some of your favorite wedding experiences? Hint, hint: I love to read stories about awkward relatives, beautiful vows, + good food. lv, molly

The culprit in the centerpiece-eating affair. This deer (I mean A deer) ate the flowers in the centerpieces.

Gavin and me waiting for the ferry, carrying an epic amount of goods + supplies. I was 90% asleep.

Elana practicing '90s hits on her banjo in the back of my tiny car

Bunk buddies. J calls this top a French poncho.

I loved these lanterns.

Gavin, his book, and Elana's and my unintentionally matchy dresses.

My favorite photo of Phil.

Gavin + Eric. I think I want a banjo now.


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