procrastination, evasion, + waffles.

It’s Monday A.M. 11:00, to be exact. Guess where I want to be?

I want to jump right into that bed, cover my head with the quilt, then enjoy a large cup of coffee, and a big Belgian waffle. What’s that you say? I’m sounding demanding and frivolous? Oh, I know; I’m being silly. I’m just frustrated, that’s all. This essay sure isn’t writing itself, and I’m beginning to doubt my ability to write a coherent paper in a timely manner without the urge to plummet my face into my hands and scream expletives. [It seems I haven’t lost my ability to exaggerate…]

This essay is beginning to look a lot like an article in The New York Post (read: bad… bad puns that have no place in an academic paper, awkward phrasings, allusions to celebrity affairs. Okay, not the latter). It’s filled with waffling + verbosity. I must press the backspace button repeatedly if I’m to save this paper.

What do you do when you’re STUCK… besides crawl in bed and eat waffles? [That’s rarely a feasible option.] Whether it’s a work assignment, an essay, a relationship, whatever. Stuck is where I find myself with this essay on education. lv, molly

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2 thoughts on “procrastination, evasion, + waffles.

  1. I take a deep breath. Then I take a walk, a bath, a glass of wine, dinner with a friend. Mostly, I take a break. If only just a little one. Scratch that. Make it a long one. Even if it means staying up a little bit later to get it done. A relaxed mind, a perfectly full tummy and a little perspective provide endless benefits.

    Good luck! I know it will be great. xo, A

    • What wonderful advice, Ana. I forget that taking a break can be the most effective choice in moments like these. Update: the essay is almost complete! Thanks for your thoughts. :)

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