curry quinoa with dal.

First things first… Don’t judge a book by its cover… Or quinoa dishes by cell phone pictures. THIS WAS SO YUMMY. And now I’ll stop acting defensive, brag a little, and give you the recipe.

This quinoa dish was a real hit with the family. And by “the family,” I mean my family. I’m not a member of the mob.

I had dinner at my grandmother’s house last night and decided to bring a vegetarian dish because she usually makes pretty meat-centric meals, and I didn’t want to subsist on bread and salad (my usual mode of operation at family dinners). Given that I had limited items on hand, I came up with the following. Even an 85-year-old meat eater and a 28-year-old celiac liked it! I think that’s saying something, so I’m going to continue to brag about how good and healthy it was.

What are some of your favorite dal and/or quinoa recipes? I’ve been obsessed as of late. Both are inexpensive and really, really tasty. All ideas + recipes are welcome! lv, molly

Curried Quinoa with Cilantro + Dal

Serves 4-6 as a side, 3 as a main

1 cup yellow dal (I used Chana Dal– split chickpeas)
1 cup quinoa
1 small white onion, diced finely
3 Tbl. canola oil (or other flavorless oil; I didn’t use olive oil because I didn’t want the taste to distract from the curry)
2-3 Tbl. curry powder
handful of cilantro, chopped coarsely, stems removed
Salt to taste

Rinse the dal until water runs clear. Place in a pot, and cover with 2″ of water. Bring to a boil; then lower heat to a simmer; and cover the pot. Cook for 20-30 minutes, until they’re soft but not mushy.
Meanwhile, add 1 Tbl. oil to a pot. Add quinoa, and toast for around 3 minutes, until lightly browned. Then slowly add 2 cups of water; bring to a boil; then simmer and cover. Cook according to package directions, usually around 10-15 minutes or until the quinoa becomes transparent.
As dal and quinoa are cooking, sprinkle the curry powder into a pan, and add oil. Heat the powder + oil for a few minutes, until bubbling. This releases the flavor in the spices and will make the dish even tastier. Then add the diced onion, and saute until translucent and soft over medium heat, usually around 20 minutes.

When all the ingredients are done, toss in a large boil, and season generously with salt. If you prefer a stronger curry flavor, add more spices after heating in a small amount of oil. Then add the cilantro, and serve!

2 thoughts on “curry quinoa with dal.

    • That looks delicious! Thanks for the link!

      Hope you enjoy the quinoa with dal. I sometimes add more curry powder, but start with this amount and add up if you see fit!

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