[pie] help wanted.

Pecan Pie

Every human being has a mountain he or she aspires to climb. I mean this metaphorically, though Mt. Rainier is apparently quite lovely this time of year.

I want to make the perfect pecan pie, and that’s where you come in.

What’s a fool proof recipe for the best pecan pie in the world? Do you have it? Do you know where I can get it? Is it too much to ask that it not contain corn syrup?

Perhaps more simply and realistically, what’s your favorite recipe for pecan pie?

I suppose I’m portraying a good pecan pie recipe as the holy grail of confections, and maybe it is for me, given that pecan pie is an elusive baked good I can’t master.

I have two weeks off coming up, and in addition to running, reading, volunteering, and possibly taking a road trip, I must bake The Perfect Pecan Pie. Thank you for your assistance.

What’s a recipe you can’t seem to master? lv, molly

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