books! reading! escapes!

One of the things I’m most looking forward to about my two weeks off is READING. Not reading education research articles, mind you, but reading for pleasure– a long lost art I seem to have forgotten somewhere around 6 months ago, when I started graduate school.

I’m heading on over to Elliott Bay Books later to pick up a copy of Colson Whitehead’s newest book. NPR gave it favorable reviews in an article entitled “Literary Destinations: Five Books To Help You Escape.” What better way to travel without moving than by reading a good book. As summer’s end is fast approaching, I highly recommend picking up one (or all) of the books they mentioned!

One of my favorite things about reading isn’t just the content of the book but the experience of reading– the feeling of the book’s binding against my fingers, the coarseness of the pages, the smell of library books, inspecting the cover art before I turn to the first page, having the book balance perfectly on one hand as I turn the pages with the other. I can’t recall how I stumbled across Coralie’s site, but I love her cover illustrations and bindings. I’m a hardcover girl through and through, and I’d love to have a library full of books as beautiful as these.

I hope you’re able to read as much as your heart damn well pleases this summer. lv, molly


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