the east means so many things.


I love this song and its lyrics. When I listened to it this morning, I was running + breezing past kids running through sprinklers.

Doesn’t this song make you want to go somewhere? Or watch a Sofia Coppola movie? It seems like something she’d like.

When I get the itch to travel, I ride my bike as far as I can and get lost. I’m getting the urge to move far away, but I have to finish my Master’s program + save money– important things like that. After that, I think I’ll have to say goodbye to Seattle temporarily. lv, molly

You didn’t know where to go
Walking around in this flag-waving town
I saw you waiting for a train
And you disappeared
Your face pressed up to the window

You went so far away
And I want to come there too
I want to be with you
I’m just waiting until you say these words:
“Come back, come back, come back, oh, to me…”

I’m living near Gdànsk,
there’s a train, you’d be here soon
There’s a life for me and you
The East means so many things
But it could be home, it could be home,
it could be home, it could be home


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