friday favorites.

Yes! It’s a long weekend! Here are a few of my favorite web gems to share… Enjoy the last week of summer, everyone! Let’s make the most of it. lv, molly

This article about a man-repellant clothing experiment, which resulted in me laughing at 6 am before heading to work. Considering that at 6 am I normally look like Robert Pattinson in Twilight (read: stoic, pale, scary), this may be significant.

This lipstick from Mac called “Lady Danger.” The name says it all.

Shayne’s post about cold brewed coffee (hint: in your fridge!). You can do it overnight! Who knew it was so simple. I am a changed woman.

Zara’s fall collection. I love the color palette and wish they’d figure out an online ordering system. Some of these pieces would be perfect for work.

Knee socks. I think they’re simply amazing + adorable blah blah blah, but I’m doubtful I could pull them off in my wildest dreams. Would you wear them?

Flight by Sherman Alexie. The students are going to read it this year, and I can’t put it down.

Using up the last of the season’s zucchini in everything I cook. People’s gardens are overrun with zucchini and, consequently, so is my crisper. Running out of ways to use it? Have a looksee here. Rachel has a lot of great ideas for cooking and baking with zucchini. My personal favorite is grating it and adding it to pasta sauces. (You hardly know it’s there– which isn’t always a bad thing, if you’ve overloaded on as much zucchini as I have.)

And last but not least? 10 “no labor” Labor Day drinks.


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